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.Net Training

The goal of this course is to help application developers understand the Microsoft .NET Framework. In addition to offering an overview of the .NET Framework and an introduction to key concepts and terminology, the course provides a series of labs, which introduce and explain .NET Framework features that are used to code, debug, tune, and deploy applications.

This course is intended for experienced, professional software developers including those employed by independent software vendors or those who work on corporate enterprise development teams. Most students will be Microsoft Visual C++ (or C++) and Java developers.

At the end of the course, students will be able to:

List the major elements of the .NET Framework and explain how they fit into the .NET platform.

Explain the main concepts behind the common language runtime and use the features of the .NET Framework to create a simple application.

Create and use components in Windows Forms-based and ASP.NET-based applications.

Use the deployment and versioning features of the .NET runtime to deploy multiple versions of a component.

Create, use, and extend types by understanding the Common Type System architecture.

Create classes and interfaces that are functionally efficient and appropriate for given programming scenarios.

Use the .NET Framework class library to efficiently create and manage strings, arrays, collections, and enumerators.

Use delegates and events to make an event-sender object signal the occurrence of an action to an event-receiver object.

Describe and control how memory and other resources are managed in the .NET Framework.

Read from and write to data streams and files.

Use the basic request/response model to send and receive data over the Internet.

Serialize and deserialize an object graph.

Create distributed applications by means of XML Web services and Object Remoting.

  • Are they any academic prerequisites?
  • This course is for all those who want to learn to speak fluent English. Each course is recommended for specific audience. This course is ideal for professionals or fresher who are planning to enter corporate world. Graduates, Post-graduates, working professionals looking to improve their communication skill.
  • What Infrastructure do I need to attend this session?
  • You will need a PC/laptop with webcam, headset or speakers.
  • What is the validity of the course?
  • The course is valid for 6 months.
  • How do I login to the course?
  • User Id and password will be sent to your registered email ID. Using your ID and password you can start your course.
  • Can I run the course on multiple PCs?
  • Yes, the course can be run using your log in credentials. It is not bind to the system.
  • Can I repeat the exercises within the course?
  • What if I have an academic query or I need some assistance?


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